About Us

RMinds Education is a professionally driven School Development initiative founded by a group of passionate educationists backed by extensive experience in school education and industry, with the sole objective of creating an engaging environment in institutions, which enhances the holistic development of a student. Our leadership is also a recipient of the National Record for the fastest Admissions in the Limca Book of National Records (2013 Edition).

RMinds Education was recently selected as one of the Most Promising Education Startups in India by Pearson Affordable Learning Fund (UK). RMinds Education is currently advising independent school projects in India and Doha (Qatar) for several promoters and chain of schools. The efforts are founded by Francis Joseph who has more than 20 years of Management experience in School Education; in areas which include academics, human resource, technology, organizational development, operation and strategy planning. He has extensively worked in establishing, managing and operating schools with a large educational group, from where he started as a teacher. He is also instrumental in developing many technological initiatives and revolutionary practices in Schools, both in India and abroad.

What Do We Offer

Advisory Services

for starting a new School in India & Middle East

Teacher Training

School Improvement Programmes

Few of our Clients

  • Aura Edify Global School (CBSE), Perinthalmanna, Kerala.
  • Aura Edify Global School (CBSE), Kodungallur, Kerala.
  • Olive International School (CBSE), Doha, Qatar.
  • Shri Bhanbai Nenshi Memorial School (ICSE & CIE), Juhu, Mumbai.
  • Don Bosco International School (CIE), Matunga, Mumbai.

Contact Us

 +91 98219 49722

RMinds Foundation

RMinds Foundation is a non-profit charitable trust founded by a group of passionate educationists with intent to manage and operate affordable schools in India. RMinds Foundation associates with individual philanthropists and companies to establish manage and operate quality-driven schools & higher education institutions in India & Middle East. RMinds Foundation is currently managing and operating a low-cost CBSE school in a small town of South India called as Keelakarai (Tamil Nadu) and aims to continue establishing such affordable quality schools in smaller villages and towns of India.

School Profile

KannadiVappa International School (KVIS), Kilakarai

KannadiVappa International School (KVIS) is a progressive and communication-based school, managed and operated by RMinds Foundation with an open learning environment, which focuses on developing passionate individuals. The class size is small enough to allow individual attention, but large enough to nurture the feeling of belonging to a group. The School is inspired to follow the curriculum prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi, India. Emphasis is on individualized learning through specific programs, both for the student and the teacher.

KVIS engages students with wings to soar higher and achieve their dreams with roots that keep them grounded in Indian culture and heritage. A thriving program of extra-curricular activities and opportunities for student exchange is an integral part of each student's life.


To provide meaningful and relevant Education for all which remains for Life.


“To make learning an enjoying experience to cherish, inspiring learners to reach their full potential and to establish a learning community that enriches a better quality of life"

Structure of classes

  • Preprimary (Nursery, Lower KG and Senior KG)
  • Primary (Grade 1 to 4)
  • Middle School (Grade 5 to 7): Grade 7 is proposed in the Academic year 2015-16.
  • Secondary School (Grade 8 to 10): Proposed
  • Senior Secondary School (Grade 11 & 12): Proposed

From the Principal’s desk

Dear Parent,

KannadiVappa International School (KVIS) is committed to develop each and every child as unique & special. This is realized through individualized learning, which caters for each youngster. As Head of School, I have a strong team to deliver this vision and mission to enable your child to become the next 'happy' adult and be successful.

Schooling for children can be stressful at times. Not at KVIS, as we will offer an activity and inquiry-based curriculum which excites kids. Curriculum rigour is critical but through the process of engagement and fun. A vibrant school atmosphere, which develops young innovators both while learning and teaching.

On behalf of all our happy teachers, we most respectfully welcome you as a very important stakeholder of KannadiVappa International School and thank you for entrusting your child with our mission in Education.

Your Principal

Our Unique Strenghts

  • Strong focus on Teacher Training .
  • English and Hindi language development.
  • Mumbai-based School Management
  • Development of self-confidence and self-expression.
  • Enriched Sports Syllabus
  • Activity based curriculum
  • Computer Lab
  • Library
  • Playfields
  • Development of Hobbies
  • Transport
  • Audio-Visual room.
  • Arabic language
  • Islamic Studies (optional)
  • School’s Student Parliament
  • Supplementary programs
  • International Friendship

Contact School

KannadiVappa International School
Ramnad-Kilakarai Road (ECR)
Kanjirangudi, Ramanathapuram District,
Tamil Nadu – 623 517, India.

 +91 80981 08922